10 May 2004

2nd last day

well, luckily my computer got frontpage. or else, i also dunno what to do with the error.. it just makes html much more easier especially when it comes to pictures..gosh..i had a hard time there figuring ..luckily..frontpage my saviour..haha.

so watcha think? i am bored of the old skin every once in a while have to change to something new to brighten up my life..haha..

oh ya. today is my 2nd last day of exam. wednesday would be my last with IMCom and BCS theory..gosh...CT and ICHB was a killer...and CSS i also dunno what crappy essay i argumentative essay with the statement " beauty is everything". i just write and write only..whatever comes across my brains i write..end up dunno what the heck i wrote...die ler...wanna get A also so tough derrik said, this semester get all passes enough semester is going to be pay back time..haha...i have to think that way..firstly, have to pray really hard hoping that i'll pass each and every subject...argh...IMCom is going to be another killer subject for me.

oh well, so just let's hope i pass this 2 more papers as well...

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