29 April 2004

oh well...

oh well, what a day..
i have been looking for skins at but i just couldnt find something that interests me yet! and i am so darn sleepy

gosh, john's class had a small pot luck and he told me all about it..and one thing that really stuck me was that when he said this, " there your sayang said wanna bring secret recipe cake but end up bringing something else". i was like," my sayang? wait, who are you talking about?" .." ben lar who else". OMG!! what the heck is he saying lar..ben and i barely know each other and he refer ben as my sayang..gosh...what is he thinking?!

finals is coming and my notes is with haslinda..she hasn't been attending classes since last friday!!! die lar.. my notes and my student id is with her am i going to sit for exam like this?? i'm dead lar..what if she doesn't turn up at all during the exam week? that means i can't sit for my exam as well... this shucks a lot can she do this to me when i'm being so nice to here by helping her catch up with her studies...evil girl..
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