30 April 2004

me a dreamer

i guess i am a dreamer..sometimes i just regret why didn't i sign up for malaysian idol. and on the other hand, i just thought that lucky i did not sign up or i'll be putting myself up for shame. well, signing up is more of like challenging myself, brave myself to face the world outside. well..maybe next time if i have people who just supports me.

speaking of today, i went to college for nothing. today i was suppose to have a class at 8am and 10am. the class at 10am was cancel because the lecturer was invigilating for all of us came for the first class which was only an hour. then only the programme office staff came up and looked for us only to tell us that the lecturer called for an mc. so, i woke up so early for nothing..!! gosh..i can't believe it. shouldn't have woke up at all and troubled john!!

oh well, i'm really dying of someone to hold. everything i see from movies to cartoons practically is showing what i feel like having. why is this? i know i am not worthy to question but i just want to know. i need a sign..or something..

my finals will be on the 6th of may which is on this coming thursday. i haven't started on anything. haven't study or whatsoever. i really need someone or something to help me. i just can't concentrate on what i am doing. i am the biggest fool which is still living on earth...darn...

where is everyone? i know edwin will be back from UM tomorrow. but how often do i get to see him. zilch! most of the time, i just go out and put up my happy face to face the world. but no one knows how i feel inside. i didn't want to show so that they won't have to worry about me. i just hated it when people worry about me at times because they have other better things to worry about than me, right?

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