22 August 2013

Moving On

Dear friends,

I'm slowly moving on to my new blog mlissawong. Appreciate it if you can re-bookmark your reading list and from now on head over to mlissawong.

Slowly starting to do the best for blogging just like how I've been doing years ago. Hopefully, with a new beginning, it's going to be a great journey!

Thanks all!


19 July 2013

June Birthday Babies

Delayed. Unacceptable at all.

The June birthday babies - SP and I decided to just have one birthday meal instead of two (which will only be the two of us anyway) at Suki-Ya, Paradigm Mall. Our first time there and the experience was great!

Seated to the table. Choose types of soup - Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu, Kimchi and Miso. We picked Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu as there are two halves in the pot. You will be given a chit which states what time you started your meal and the time you should be leaving as each table gets 2 hours of meal only.

The simple buffet spread because the star is the meat served to you at your table

Best part is free flow of sirlion beef, chicken and lamb!!! A buffet spread for vegetables and other steamboat items are available for you to pick.

SP waiting for the veges to cook

Now how do you eat the meat.

1. Create your broth by cooking the vegetables first. Our broth was sweet after that and awesome.
2. Break an egg (raw) in a bowl and beat it. It will be use for dipping the cooked meat.
3. Cook your meat and dip it in the egg as it is meant to cool the meat and ngap!

It's that simple and we had fun!

They have some sushi as well and the meat is served at your table. Want more? Just call for the waiter.

Not to worry if you can't seem to get what I'm trying to say because they have a video on "How to Enjoy Sukiyaki the Suki-Ya Way" on their website.

It wasn't that pricey I would say.
Lunch is from 11.30am-5pm for RM29.80+ and dinner is from 5pm-10pm for RM39.80+.

Want to try? 

Call them and book a table now!

Suki-Ya @ Tokyo Street / Pavilion KL
Tel : 03-2141 4272

Suki-Ya @ Paradigm Mall
Lot UG (4th)-12, Upper Ground Floor
Tel : 03-7887 3042

Suki-Ya @ Mont Kiara
L1-16, 1 Mont Kiara Mall
Tel : 03-6203 5238

Food : 4.5/5
Price : 4/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service : 4/5

Note: This is based on personal experience. Not a sponsored post.

09 July 2013

Happy Ramadhan

Ramadhan is here and I hope I'm ready for it tomorrow. First of all, need to make sure I can be awake and not be hungry throughout the entire day.

02 July 2013


Dear friends,

Currently, my blog is undergoing a big renovation. Will be moving it to another name soon. Will update you so that you can change your bookmarks. It's for the new me.

Thanks a lot.

10 February 2013

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Gong Xi Fatt Chai to all!!!

I'm here and this is the ever first time we were colour coordinated. OK. Quite close. We only found out yesterday when we were ironing them and surprise to see we come all in red. Well, almost red for me.

So, here's a picture of us wishing you a great year ahead. I'll get the picture that we took with the dogs from my sister later.

31 December 2012

Bye 2012.

Sorry that I haven't been good at updating my blog. Just wanting to wish you all a Happy New Year 2013!

17 December 2012

Counting down to Christmas

2012 is coming to an end soon. I believe most of you had hit your holiday mode buttons, and are already on leave willingly or force to (the need to clear your annual leave).

As this is my first year here at this company, so my force-to-clear-leave days will begin next year. As of now, how's everyone's preparation for Christmas? I don't really celebrate much of Christmas now since my family is away. So basically, Christmas is a day I get to rest from work. Well, similar to weekends. Just another extra day and lots of TV shows to watch instead of the repetition shows on Astro during weekends :)

I guess the feeling of Christmas is no longer the same as when I was younger. Back then it was all about presents! Now, it's just another day. Those were the good old days.

Anyway, I guess this weekend will be the most busiest period for everyone. Last minute shopping for Christmas preparation and also shopping for school preparation as school reopens a few days after Christmas. 

Happy shopping to everyone!

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04 December 2012

It's December already?

It’s the fourth day of December already?! That’s really fast. Time flew by so fast that I just realized that I’ve been working at this company for almost a year.

Last two weeks was quite a busy week. Having to see a 2-hour dance training class everyday for a music video made me wonder that the participants may be cursing at us for giving them only 2 sessions each. We had too because that was only how much time we had.

At the end of the day, the 2 days shooting session was packed from 9am up to 7pm with less than an hour lunch break. All I wanted to do at the end of the day was to put my legs up because of all the standing the entire day. It was very satisfying to see that everyone really put in lots of effort to make it happen. We even have a scene when we dance at the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square. Yup, like a flash mob only that ours isn’t a flash mob. Everyone did their best to remember and practice their moves. I can’t wait to see the final cut.

November ended with the end of the shoot. Now, to pick up what’s left of 2012. 

12 October 2012

Road Tour with the Shisha Boys Sunway

KL -> Maran -> Cherating -> Kemaman -> Maran -> KL and we were going back and forth from Cherating to Kemaman since it’s only 15 minutes drive and Kemaman is where we had our stuffed crab! Yummy!

The trip was wonderful. We convoyed in 4 cars. Not like there were many of us. There were only 8 of us. Modified cars they have that they just have to bring it out to race each other.

They were there a day earlier than me as I couldn’t get leave due to the finalization of my annual report. So they went ‘mendulang emas’ at Maran. I have no idea what you call that activity in English – gold mining, gold digging, gold hunting? But it does look like the boys had lots fun and SP did get some specks of gold dust. Yes. The size of a gold speck is the size of a piece of those glitter powders.

Mendulang emas & river water splashing

Cherating was fun. We had a great evening by the beach frying nuggets and sausages. Charcoal did make the nuggets and sausages even juicier. The boys can never live without their shisha that they brought two bongs with them. Yes, you read it right. TWO!

At Cherating Beach

The best part is fishing activity. We were fishing using only 1 rod and the rest with fishing strings. Eventually, a missed turning on our way to search for the stuffed crab led us to a tackle shop where the boys each bought a rod. So basically now all of them have one. Since then, we couldn’t stop fishing.

At the tackle shop

It was also my first time fishing. I was bad at it. I gave free buffet to the fishes. It was also my first time seeing puffer fish of all sizes as they caught them. They do huff and puff until they look like they will explode!

SP's catch

Donald with his catch; Man and Pojie imitating Titanic; and SP with a caught eel

Oh yes, we also went to the famous Haji Aziz Satar just before we left for Maran. Missed their satar so much! Hope to be able to go back there again one day.

Anyway, road trip was great. Hope to do more with the boys and girl and now it’s fishing craze for everyone! 

Photo credit: Donald, Man, SP

30 August 2012


Merdeka is just around the corner. In fact, tomorrow is Merdeka! Rejoice for the longer weekend this year. Rejoice for we have achieved 55 years of independence. But, why is it that the merdeka spirit seems to slowly slip away from me as I get older. Did work do this to me? I wonder.

Back during the school days, I participated twice for the Girl Guide march. I remembered the rehearsals for two years where our check point was in front of Masjid Negara, the friends we made with the contingent around us, the horse dunk that we used to avoid while marching and how could I forget the times whenever we have to salute in front of the grand stand, our contingent always tend to suddenly slow down a lot or should I say our paces got smaller because we were afraid of not being in line. Then our teacher would be giving us signals to speed up.

I used to sing to every Merdeka song until I got out of school, I barely hear those songs again. There was one year when I went to Dataran Merdeka to capture some pictures and there was this new song which I can’t remember the title, I was so upset because I do not know the words to the song. Since that day, my merdeka karaoke session is in front of the TV when the clock struck 12 midnight. I will be singing my heart out for I don’t know what reasons and my parents didn’t mind at all.

For tonight, I’m unsure if I’ll be having my karaoke session as work has drained most of my energy. I doubt I would be up early to even catch the march on TV as sleeping is the third thing in my mind after work and food.

Ah, my colleague just mentioned to me earlier that tonight is not only Merdeka eve but also the peak of Hungry Ghost Festival. Most Buddhists will be thinking twice to go out as to them, better be home before dark tonight.

Well, Happy Merdeka to all and have a great long weekend!!! 
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